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All You Need to Know About Master’s Thesis Writing

Before we answer what a master’s thesis is, we need to know what a thesis is. A thesis is a statement, theory or an academic paper completed by a student towards the end of their course. It is mostly done by graduates as a master’s degree paper before they graduate.

What is a master’s thesis?

A thesis for master’s degree is an original piece of work, or long essay involving personal research written under the direction of a faculty advisor. Read on as we explore and guide you on how to write a master’ thesis.

How long is a master’s thesis?

The length of a thesis varies from project to project. A standard master’s thesis length is between 40 to 80 pages. This includes both texts and figures but excludes the bibliography.

However the length varies depending on the method of analysis and the topic being analyzed.

Do you have to write a thesis for a master’s?

For you to complete a master’s degree, most courses require you to complete and present a thesis or a dissertation for you to be considered for graduation. A thesis for master’s degree is the culmination and gauge to see how a student has progressed through school.

How to write a master’s thesis

For you to write a good thesis, you need to first get your Master’s degree thesis outline. For a good thesis outline you need to review the relevant literature and the research available for your master’s thesis.

A good outline covers all your basis in regards to your thesis question or topic of analysis. When writing a master’s thesis you need the following as a guide for a good thesis.

  • Choosing your topic
  • Selecting your relevant sources and texts
  • Planning an outline (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Moving through the writing process
  • Finalizing your thesis

For these thesis outlines to work you need some more pointers to help you through your writing process. The following will guide your process from start to finish.

You need:

  • To make a schedule
  • Write a little bit everyday
  • Take occasional breaks
  • Write down your introduction
  • Incorporate your review of the literature
  • Contextualize your work
  • Write your thesis
  • Write your conclusion

For your thesis to be well balanced, you need proper research and planning ahead. While you also research you need to understand your research question or topic. This helps makes reading easier for you as the topic becomes known to you. Taking good notes helps in the preparation for when you start writing.

Good notes from a good research lead to a great explanation as you present your master’s degree paper. Good research and note taking also helps you with your master’s thesis length. The better you conduct your research, the easier it is for you to write your master’s thesis. This in turn makes it easier for anyone reading it to understand what the topic you are covering.

Final take

For a comprehensive guide on how to write a master’s thesis, the above points will guide you on the best way to go about it. The guidelines will give you the steps to take from the research phase, to the note taking till the final draft.

It also helps you understand the length and all the notes required to help our master’s thesis. It emphasizes on the important points to note and what you need to look out for. The short notes you write down during your research phase helps guide and bring out the message you are trying to bring forward. To either support your thesis question or disprove it.

A good guide will help you cover all aspects of your thesis question even before you get down to writing your paper. This in turn helps you push your point about your thesis question without too much explanation.

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