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How to Find Good Thesis Topics: 45 Outstanding Ideas

Your thesis is the ultimate step to completing your master’s degree. Unfortunately, students face an issue with selecting a topic among the myriad options at their disposal. As such, students may either find themselves stuck halfway through their writing or struggle with finding original claims for their thesis. 

This article will highlight various tips for selecting a good thesis topic, helping you overcome various stumbling blocks that complicate the thesis writing process. We will also highlight some thesis title examples to inspire your topic selection. 

How to choose a thesis topic

Selecting the first thesis topic that crosses your eyes is an approach that’s bound to result in multiple struggles in the latter stages of writing your thesis. As such, you should give much consideration to your topic, ensuring unique insight and access to enough materials for your research methodology.

When choosing your thesis topic:

  1. Read the thesis prompt

The thesis prompt is a great initial point for your research. Besides highlighting the general idea of the paper, the prompt also highlights the requirements that ought to guide you in editing your paper. 

As such, start your writing process with an analysis of the prompt and indicate the general idea of the topic. note the keyword in the prompt down and use this as the search phrase for your research. 

  1. Conduct extensive research

After identifying the general topic, conduct research to identify the extent of research on your topic. Besides allowing you to gauge the ideas that have been subject to multiple studies, helping you select a unique topic.

Also, research exposes you to multiple materials within your subject, widening your perspective toward a topic. This also allows you to identify the gaps in existing literature, helping you collect materials for your literature review. 

  1. Check the trending topics

Emerging issues are often a safe choice when you are selecting a topic for your thesis. These topics are often of interest to the discipline and are subject to little or no research. Trending issues are thus a great go-to to avoid unintentional plagiarism and also for a vast range of unique arguments. 

  1. Prepare an outline

Before settling for an idea, gauge the feasibility of the topic in each section. This will allow you to approximate the word count and gauge the completeness of your research, helping you to decide when to broaden or narrow your idea. 

Thesis topic ideas to use in your writing

Architecture thesis topics

  1. The function of systems made of reinforced concrete and how earthquakes affect those systems
  2. Underwater dining establishments around the world for lighting, electricity, and cleanliness
  3. The application of biotechnology to the creation of flexible structures in architecture
  4. The Egyptian Pyramids’ lighting system 
  5. Golden Gate and architectural elements
  6. Building a new kind of school that allows for cooperation and creativity 
  7. Keeping costs low while producing a work of art in architecture 
  8. Why do most third-world nations have subpar house construction? 
  9. How the building’s location is important for sustainability 

Criminal justice thesis topics

  1. Why crime is mostly linked to illegal immigration 
  2. The connection between criminal conduct and gender 
  3. The impact of religious convictions when committing crimes 
  4. Why drug and alcohol misuse is a major contributing factor to crime 
  5. Social media’s involvement in financing and organizing criminal behaviour 
  6. Why it’s important to be aware of your neighbours’ activities 
  7. Strategies for combating criminal activity at the community level 
  8. How a person’s family history can make them more likely to commit crimes 
  9. How rallies and protests compare to illegal acts 

History thesis topics

  1. At the close of the 19th century, the United States presidential power began to wane. 
  2. Effects of the fall of the USSR in terms of global politics 
  3. US participation in World War I 
  4. Greek sculpture and painting’s growth 
  5. The advancement of filmmaking in Europe 
  6. The rise and fall of the Aztec civilization 
  7. Age of Enlightenment’s emergence 
  8. The Silk Road’s emergence and the value it had for ancient civilizations 
  9. Major revolutionary war battles 

Philosophy thesis topics

  1. How to embrace optimism in a world that is always exposed to bad news 
  2. An analysis of the history of human contact 
  3. A philosophical analysis of bad deeds and bad people 
  4. Consider the relationship between shame and an unethical work of art
  5. What’s the reasoning behind nightmares and dream mania? 
  6. Reasons why artificial intelligence might not be creative 
  7. Is there ever any justification for assisted suicide? 
  8. Describe the contributions of a few of the Renaissance’s forefathers
  9. Discuss whether people are inherently good or bad

Political science thesis topics

  1. United states vs. United Kingdom: foreign policy 
  2. The origins of the American revolution 
  3. Existentialism in western constitutional law 
  4. Criminal law and common morality 
  5. Is pardoning of the innocent acceptable? 
  6. Reasons for the central African republic’s uprising 
  7. Political influencers and their individual goals 
  8. Various dispute resolution techniques 
  9. Analysis of a mediation case study 

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